About Kuala Selangor
The history of Selangor began here when Raja Lumu, one of the five famous Bugis brothers from South Sulawesi landed and proclaimed himself Sultan Salahuddin in 1756 to become the first Sultan of Selangor.

Kuala Selangor, the little coastal town located 45 kilometers north of Klang and about 60 kilometers northwest of Shah Alam, merely an hour’s drive from this capital of Selangor. Selangor River was once a thriving trading port. Today, relics offer an insight into its past. It holds several attractions:

Bukit Melawati (Melawati Hill)

Bukit Melawati overlooks the little town and is an ideal sight looking out at the Straits of Malacca. It was once used by the Sultan of Selangor, followed by the Dutch and British. Fort Melawati, a three-storey structure, on Melawati Hill was built on the 1780’s during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim. As it is a strategic mouth of the Selangor River, this place was once the scene where many fiery battles take place between the locals and seafaring invaders.

Tanjung Keramat Fort
Overgrown with weeds, the jungle reclaiming was once its domain. It is not as well preserved and intact as the one on Bukit Melawati. Now, in the lee of the fort, there’s a small, picturesque lake where the village of Tanjung Keramat lies. And there is a shrine built in memory of a girl who died tragically long ago.

Kuala selangor Nature Park (KSNP)
The park is nestled at the foot of the famous historic Bukit Melawati and is eight kilometers southeast of Kuala Selangor. Bird watching in the park is the first and the only migratory bird sanctuary and mangrove reserved in this park of the world

Royal Kampung Kuantan Golf Resort
The golf resort is located 4 kilometers on the way towards Kuala Selangor town that you will come across a signboard indicating the direction to the club. The club has a small 9 holes golf course. The golf courses offer a variety of challenges amidst lush surrounding greeneries.

Pasir Penambang
Pasir Penambang is famous for its exotic fresh seafood. It is located at the river mouth of Selangor River. This fishing village is a stop-over point for seafood lunch and dinner. Pasir Penambang is renowned for its rich and fresh seafood such as crabs, fishes and occasionally some sharks and shell fishes which is a delicacy in this region. Visitors may do their shopping at the fish market while they are on the way to our firefly park resort.

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